The company manufactures a wide range of Hessian Cloth of various ranges of width and specifications. The company offers these fabrics as plain cloth as well as laminated, bleached and dyed.

The cloth construction varies from 5 oz/yard (152 gm/sq meter) to 13 oz/yard (396 gm/sq meter) from width ranging from 30 inches to 80 inches.

All materials are available in bale-packed/roll form or as requested by the user A small sample of the company’s Hessian products is as under:

  • Bulk Container bags
  • Onion/Potato bags
  • Planter Bags
  • Garden rubbish bags
  • Decorative Hessian cloth (Dyed/Bleached)
  • Dyed and treated (fire retardant, and/or water repellent) burlap
  • Jute canvas sheets – plain or treated
  • Tarpaulin – plain or treated